Fit For You

An Indoor Bike to Fit You
Workout Programs to Fit You

Suitable to anybody from 4.5ft to 6.6ft, and personalized workout management through data analysis and real-time coaching.

Fitting Guide

Virchybike is adjustable to various body types from 4.5ft to 6.6ft

As cycling is repeating movement, there may be possibilities of getting injured if keep riding in improper posture. So, Fitting a bike to you is very important and that’s why we provide fitting guide for you. Follow the guide and ride properly with Virchybike.

Real Time Coaching

Personalized coaching based on
current physical status while riding

Watching TV during workout? Not enough.
Break a sweat through personalized workout management. Virchybike’s Ai Trainers will stand with you.

Personalised misson

Personalized missions according to the individuals’ performance and workout level

As individuals’ workout grade is different, workout programs should be different as well. Provide the most proper workout based on physical assessment and data.