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The new standard of indoor cycling providing amazing views, accurate workout data and real-time coaching

Key Features


The versatile indoor bike with auto resistance control, gear shifts, tilting frame, VR wind, Multi-Riding, Ranks by courses, connect to heart rate monitor, real-time coaching and data management.

Auto Resistance Control

Resistance on your bike automatically changes according to programmed hills and difficulties. That’s why there’s no ‘resistance lever’ in Virchybike.

Tilting Frame
(Only for Virchybike Pro)

Ride a shaking bike just like a real bicycle. The tilting frame will give a realistic cycling experience.

Virtual bike Customizing

Modify specifications of your Virchybike. You can choose MTB type for uphills and road type for the roads

Ranks by Courses

Finish the video courses and route courses. You can compare your score with others

Real-Time Coaching

Using a heart rate monitor, Ai trainers will guide you to safe and effective riding.

Gear Shifts

By shifting gears on rear and front wheels, can control the power of pedaling. Shift gears properly as resistance changes automatically.

VR Wind

The wind blows differently depending on your riding speed. Enjoy fresh wind while riding down hills.


Up to maximum 8 users can race in the same simulated course. Compete with others and win the race!

Heart Rate Monitor to Bluetooth

Record your challenge accurately with a heart rate monitor to blue tooth 4.0. Also get real-time coaching based on your heart rate.

Data Anaysis

Analyze your workout data to suggest your future mission and schedule.

Regularly Upgradable Video Riding / Over 10 Millions Courses of Route Riding

Finish your favorite riding courses even indoors!

Virchybike give you a solution for boring indoor cycling experience.
Riding the world famous courses, compete with your friends and break a sweat.

Categories by level

Sort the courses according to the length and difficulty.

Flat or Hill

Long relaxing riding on flatlands / Short and intensive riding on up hills.

Select a Course

Choose the course you want to ride

Cycling Competition Course

Train indoors for your cycling competition.