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Provide various cycling classes including the class categories per level and different themes. You may see huge improvements after 20-30 minutes of dynamic spinning. However, Virchy Studio goes further. Instead of just ‘looking at’ the video, by being supported by auto resistance control, follow the instructor comparing your performance with his or hers. You can train more effectively with Virchy Studio.

Key Features


Providing the cycling classes never before including graded class, auto resistance control, dancing riding, wind system, heart rate monitor connecting and accurate data management.

Graded Cycling Classes

Rookie, Advanced, Expert and functional classes for user’s level and purpose.

Follow the Instructions

Without hard and complex Movement, guide you to scientific workout following the instructions

(Only for Virchybike Pro)

There’s a standing position in indoor cycling. The tilting frame let you dance during standing riding

Various Themes

Fun and motivating classes with various themes like hiphop, K-pop or EDM.

Auto Resistance Control

The resistance on your bike changes according to the instructions. Just follow the class, we support the rest.

Data Management

After finishing the class, your workout data like calories, time, cadence and heart rate are accumulated in the system and suggest you the next program.